For IFLRY Vice President


Dear Liberal Family, Friends, and Colleagues Across the Globe,

As we gather virtually and in person in Ivory Coast for the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) General Assembly, I am deeply honored to address you today. Our shared dedication to democracy and liberal principles unites us in our mission to create a more just and equitable world.

Having served as Vice President of IFLRY for two terms and being part of the organization for the past six years in various roles—from trainer to program manager to Vice President—I have seen IFLRY in different forms and shapes. My experience gives me insight into the organizational structure and the need for dialogue between member organizations. As part of my agenda, I plan to facilitate structured dialogue between memberships to enhance collaboration and strengthen our foundation.


I bring a distinct perspective informed by my experience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As both Palestinian and Jordanian, I stand at the crossroads of some of the most pressing conflicts in our world. I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of wars, hate speech, and the erosion of fundamental freedoms.

Despite these challenges, my resolve to globalize freedom and uphold liberal values remains unwavering.
We must confront the complexities of the MENA region head-on, working to counter the forces of oppression and authoritarianism while empowering those who seek a brighter future.

My main aim to work on our thematic programs and funding strategies.
By prioritizing these areas, we can ensure the sustainability and growth of IFLRY's impact globally.

Vision for IFLRY

Dialogue and Collaboration

I will prioritize structured dialogue between member organizations to enhance collaboration and strengthen our foundation. By fostering open communication, we can amplify our impact and drive meaningful change.


Elevating IFLRY's non-formal education to regional levels, empowering member organizations to implement political education initiatives with the guidance of our expert trainer pool. Strengthening liberalism in regions of high need by leveraging our international network's support and resources.

Thematic Programs and Funding Strategies

: I am committed to prioritizing thematic programs and developing innovative funding strategies to ensure the sustainability and growth of IFLRY's impact globally. By investing in our future, we can create lasting change.

About me

Experience and Leadership

With six years of dedicated service to IFLRY, including two terms as Vice President, Program Manager and a Trainer, I bring a wealth of experience and leadership to this role. From grassroots activism to strategic planning and globalizing Freedom.

On this platform,

you can see my vision and agenda, focused on structural empowerment and grounded in our shared liberal values. I ask for your trust and support as I seek to serve you in this role and contribute to the advancement of our mutual goals.


During the following weeks, I will present my Vision and the principal goals of my campaign for the IFLRY VP.
Meanwhile, I will try to reach out to each Member organization and each IO.

Let's talk, let's discuss